Protective gear used in the motorcycle riding industry

With the development of urban transportation, more and more young people are considering motorcycle riding as a hobby and lifestyle. According to data released by the Ministry of Public Security, 11.3 million new motorcycles were registered nationwide in 2022, an increase of 12% compared to last year. However, many people buy motorcycles, undergo various renovations and decorations, and also buy top-level helmets. However, you may also find some strange phenomena that they do not love to wear protective gear, or even do not buy it, feeling useless... The protective gear mentioned here not only includes helmets, but also includes elbow protectors, knee protectors, cycling clothes, cycling shoes, etc. Most motorcycles are supported by two wheels on the ground, so this structure to some extent poses a risk of falling cars, Therefore, necessary safety equipment is essential when riding a motorcycle.

Helmets, elbow protectors, knee protectors, cycling clothes, and other cycling equipment are basically used by riders no matter what the situation is, and they will always be used. Therefore, as a necessary common sense for motorcycle riding, it is recommended that all motorcycle riders wear no matter how trendy they are, and no protective equipment may be used up in any unexpected situation. Especially novice riders, it is important to recognize the importance of protective equipment.

Especially professional knee and elbow protectors are incomparable to other casual wear and materials. The material of clothes we usually wear is mostly polyester fiber, which does not have strong toughness. When encountering strong friction, it is not just wear and tear, and any protection and impact force cannot be alleviated, which can seriously cause casualties. Our Zhongju team is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective intelligent energy absorbing protective material solutions. Our products are widely applicable in fields such as cycling protection, sports protection, military and police protection, and labor protection, and are exported to professional markets in Europe and America. Our customers include LS2, ONEAL, Motoboy, and others. The ESPRO material independently developed by our team belongs to the national strategic new material category, It can provide both softness and comfort on the basis of energy absorption and shock absorption (converting 100% impact energy into 95% thermal energy). It is currently one of the best materials for shock absorption and protection in the world, providing more reliable products and comfortable experiences for cycling. It has gradually been recognized in fields such as cycling, military police, skiing, etc.

Perhaps the rider imagined that the protective gear would be bulky or have much protection, otherwise it would be uncomfortable. Actually, it's a big mistake. Our ESPRO-ESE low-carbon energy absorbing material has a minimum thickness of 7.5mm for cycling protective gear, which is very lightweight. We use our own new generation of energy absorbing and buffering materials, which have good buffering performance and superior low-temperature performance (-20 ℃). The product is lighter and thinner, and can be built-in or sewn externally. Compared to traditional protective gear, it has significantly improved thickness, weight, tear resistance, and breathability, The wearer is able to provide maximum comfort during use.


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