Analysis of certification mark of motorcycle protective gear

In recent years, motorcycle riding and motorcycle travel have gradually entered people's vision and become a lot of people's leisure and entertainment activities. Compared to cars, motorcycle drivers are physically exposed and highly vulnerable in the event of an accident. In order to improve the safety of motorcycle riding, in Europe, the riding clothing standard EN 1621-1:2012 was published in 2012, and became the mandatory standard implementation of mechanical impact protective clothing for motorcycle riders, which is what we often say is the CE certification standard. Often we can see the CE mark on the protective gear, but how much do we know about its meaning?


1) Graphic meaning: Please read the instruction manual attached to the protective gear.

2) EN1621-1:2012, technical standard for mechanical impact protective clothing for motorcyclists,1 denotes shoulder, elbow, knee and hip position, 2 denotes back protection position, 3 denotes chest protection position, 2012 represents the year of publication.

3) Graphic meaning: protective device for motorcycle riders.

4) Designated protection parts: S-Shoulder (shoulder guard), E-Elbow forearm (elbow + forearm), K-knee and Upper Shin (Knee + upper shin), H-Hip (hip guard), L-Shin (shin guard), K+ L-Knee and Middle-upper shin protector (knee protector and shin of middle upper limb), B-Full Back/Central Back (Full Back, middle back), CP-Full Chest Protectors/Divided Chest Protectors (one chest protection, separate chest protection).

5) Protection level: Level1 (Level1, the lowest protection level), Level2 (Level2, enhanced protection level).

6) CE certification mark: The CE mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of the EU 2016/425.

7) Size of protected area: Type A or type B indicates the size of the protected area (type A is smaller).

8) High and low temperature labeling: it can provide protection in high and low temperature environments.

9) Product model: EP indicates the name of the product, 2 indicates the level of protection, and S indicates the shoulder protection part, which is consistent with 4)

In addition, the Torso M 36-41 in the torso logo indicates the torso size

Motorcycle friends can selectively purchase according to their own riding level, but there is no CE certified protective gear, we still do not recommend that you use. Please look for the CE mark when buying, the general market that thin foam molding are not CE certification.

The company has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, products have passed CE EN1621, EN13634, ROHS and REACH recognition

It has 25 core patents and participated in the formulation of 2 national standards. Zhongju team is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective intelligent energy absorption protection material solutions, products are widely used in cycling protection, sports protection, military and police protection, labor protection and other fields.

Founded in 2019 (formerly Shenzhen Zhongke Zhongju Innovative Materials Co., LTD., established in 2016), Ningbo Zhongke Zhongju New Materials Co., Ltd. was founded by a returned doctor from Germany, and its members come from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University and other first-line research units. The ESPROTM materials independently developed by the team belong to the national strategic new materials. It can absorb energy shock absorption (100% of the impact energy into 95% of the heat) on the basis of both softness and comfort, is currently one of the world's best shock-absorbing protection effect of the material, the performance is better than the British D3O and other companies of the same type of products.


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