What is ESPRO Smart Energy Absorbing Protective Material

ESPRO stands for "Entire Safety Protection", Chinese translation of whole body safety protection. ESPRO is an innovative polymer material. Through multi-level material structure design, the material can dissipate the impact energy well in the molecular chain segment, microphase region and two-phase interface. The high performance polymer composite material with damping, energy absorption and shock absorption function is prepared by various composite technology. Widely used in cycling protection, sports protection, military and police protection, labor protection and other fields.


When the impact force acts on the ESPRO material, most of the external force is converted into heat through the movement of the specially designed molecular chain, and some is converted into heat through the microphase zone and the two-phase interface, so that most of the energy of the impact force can be converted and spread to the environment, so as to protect people or objects from damage. It is suitable for one-time protection or repeated protection. Can be used for slow or fast impact.


ESPRO intelligent energy absorbing protective materials can provide more effective protection in extreme sports, labor protection, collision sports, products with breathable, thin, soft, impact resistance and other characteristics. Applied to helmet, shoulder, elbow, knee, chest, hip, hip, tail, back, gloves, ankles and other parts of the body that need protection.


ESPRO intelligent energy absorption protection materials can also provide more effective protection in the automotive field, providing anti-impact energy absorption cushion-shock protection, applied to car armrests, door interiors, headrests, motorcycle cushions, gaskets and so on


ESPRO never stops, aiming at the low-temperature market environment, developing low-temperature resistant materials to solve the international industry problems of low-temperature hardening of protective gear, leading the world in technology, allowing users to still use our protective gear in the low-temperature environment to fill the gap in our environmental field.


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