Our company debuted at the 2021 Milan International Motorcycle and Bicycle Expo EICMA in Italy

On November 23, 2021, the 78th EICMA Milan International Motorcycle and Bicycle Expo opened at FIERA-MILANO RHO, Milan International Exhibition Center, Italy. The event will last until the 28th, with media days from 23rd to 24th and audience days from 25th to 28th. Our company will also make its debut at this exhibition, with booth number R79 in Hall 13. We have brought newly developed TPE, PU, and other low-temperature resistant products. We hope that more visitors can learn about our products and use them.

It is understood that the Milan Motorcycle and Bicycle Exhibition (EICMA 2021), organized by the Italian Bicycle Association ANCMA, is one of the largest and oldest bicycle exhibitions in the world, and is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Italian market. Since its first exhibition in 1914, it has a history of 100 years and has successfully held 77 exhibitions, with a remarkable reputation.

Seizing this opportunity, we will also showcase our company's strength to everyone. Our company was founded in 2019 (formerly Shenzhen Zhongke Zhongju Innovative Materials Co., Ltd. established in 2016), founded by a PhD student returning from Germany, with members from frontline research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sichuan University. Our team independently developed ESPRO® The material belongs to the national strategic new material, which can absorb energy and absorb shock (reducing 100% impact energy to 5%) while also possessing softness and comfort. It is currently one of the best materials in the world for shock absorption and protection, and its performance is superior to similar products from companies such as D3O in the UK.

The company has 25 core patents and participated in the development of 2 national standards. The company won the third prize in the New Materials Industry Finals of the 10th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, was selected as a "one matter, one discussion" Fenglu Talent Enterprise in Fenghua District, Ningbo, and was selected as a "small and beautiful" seedling enterprise in Fenghua District. It is listed on the Innovation Board of Ningbo Equity Trading Center and has received a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan.

The Zhongju team is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective intelligent energy absorbing protective material solutions. The products are widely applicable in the fields of cycling protection, sports protection, military and police protection, labor protection, and other fields, and are exported to professional markets in Europe and America. Customers include LS2, ONEAL, Motoboy, and others. ESPRO® The brand includes products with multiple material systems: slow rebound polyurethane foam material (ESF), thermoplastic elastomer (ESE), which can be provided in the form of materials, protectors, sheets, rolls, etc. The products have characteristics such as impact resistance and energy absorption, extreme conditions (low temperature, high speed) protection, and meet the requirements of EU safety standards such as EN1621, EN13634, EN20345, Rohs, Reach, etc.

We look forward to providing the most cost-effective intelligent energy absorbing and protective material solutions for global users with industry-leading products and technologies at this Milan exhibition. We will also be in a better state, with a more serious attitude, and more full of energy, innovate independently, seek truth and pragmatism, forge ahead, research more professional protective products, protect human safety, and create a better future.


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