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LDP series protective gear

LDP series protective gear

Product Parameters

LDP series energy absorber is the use of self-developed nano intelligent energy absorption of impact protection products, when encountering a strong impact, the material quickly hardened to absorb most of the impact energy, after the disappearance of external forces, the material returns to soft. Good bending resistance, breathability performance is about 50% higher than ordinary protective gear, especially suitable for human body, military police, industrial protection and other fields.  


Reliable: CE certification (EN1621-1:2012)  


Safety: LEVEL1 (room temperature, high and low temperature, resistant to hydrolysis)  


Breathability: Significantly improved compared to traditional care 


Fold resistance: Excellent fold resistance to meet transportation and warehousing needs 


Soft: Soft and lightweight, increase wearing comfort 


Professional: With independent intellectual property rights

Product Details