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EP series protectors

EP series protectors

Product Parameters

EP series of protective gear using its own new generation of energy-absorbing cushioning material technology, good cushioning performance, low temperature performance is superior (-20 °C), the product is lighter and thinner, compared to the traditional protective gear, thickness, weight, tear resistance, breathability have been significantly improved, especially suitable for military police, motorcycles and sports protection.  


Fold resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, hydrolysis resistance  

Safety: CE certification  


Reliability: 1 level of protection  


Low temperature: Excellent low temperature performance (-20 °C)  


Tear resistance: increased by 1500% 


Breathable: 50% of the breathable area  


Thickness: 37.5% reduction compared to traditional protective gear  


Weight: 10% sharper than traditional protective gear 


Soft: Soft and thin  


Variable: Built-in / Seam can be satisfied  


Machine wash: Applicable

Product Details