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Job title
Place of work
Salary range
Release time
  • Sales representative
    Guangdong Province - Shenzhen City - Bao'an District

    Job Responsibilities 

    1.Responsible for the development, follow-up and maintenance of industry-related customers; 

    2.Understand the industry dynamics, collect and analyze competitor information, formulate corresponding competitive strategies, and provide suggestions for the company's sales strategy; 

    3.Responsible for the use of effective sales strategies and methods from project establishment to contract signing to ensure successful cooperation;  

    4.Good collaboration and communication with relevant departments within the company.  



    1, more than three years of sales experience in similar products or related industries;  

    2, bachelor degree or above, chemical and chemical engineering or science and engineering related majors;  

    3, can independently track the project, familiar with bidding, contract formulation, negotiation, signing and other work processes;  

    4, with good market expansion, project coordination and negotiation capabilities;  

    5, with strong expression and communication skills, good sense of teamwork and service;  

    6, able to adapt to business trips, And maintain a good working condition under greater pressure;