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HP-K2 Finger Protection Energy Shield

HP-K2 Finger Protection Energy Shield

Product Parameters

HP Hand Protection Series uses self-developed nano intelligent energy-absorbing materials, when encountering strong impact, the material quickly hardens to absorb most of the impact energy, and after the external force disappears, the material returns to softness.  

Hand protection series products can meet the needs of motorcycle riding, industrial labor protection and other fields, providing super impact protection and adapting to the needs of various scenarios.  


Reliability: CE certification (EN388)  


Safety: LEVEL1  


Soft: Soft and lightweight, increased wearing comfort  


Wear resistance: HP-F series to increase wear-resistant sewing function  


Flexible: The hand is still flexible after using this series of products

Product Details

Product name





93*47 96*58
Thickness (mm) 8.25 9.0
Weight (g) 10.0 13.0